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30 Day Sprint

Today is August 1st and I have committed myself to a 30 day sprint where my health is concerned. The last several months have been so hectic that I have allowed my health and personal goals to slip. At work, we have undergone personnel moves and leadership changes, which has resulted in more work for everyone. Lately, I have felt like I am working before work, during work, after work and on the weekends. Consequently, my consistency with working out and eating healthy has taken a major hit. In fact, I have been doing what I do best in any stressful situation - eating my feelings! With all that being said, I want to take the next 30 days to re-group and prioritize myself. Life has been absolutely crazy, but it is so important to stay on track, even when things get a bit chaotic. So here is to Day 1 - a day of healthy eating (minus that one cookie), and doing a body weight workout in my closet because I just couldn't make it to the gym. The point though is to get it done - make it happen no matter what obstacle we are facing. Prioritize yourself.


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