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Weekly Meal Prep & Chiropractic Care

Happy Monday, everyone! I hope you all had an amazing weekend. My weekend was both productive and relaxing. I kicked it off by going to the chiropractor, my daughter and I got our nails done, we went shopping at HomeGoods (so many good finds), I went on a breakfast date with my husband, got my meals prepped for the week, binge-watched Season 3 of "The Good Place", and I enjoyed a glass of some homemade, backyard wine. THAT was amazing!

About chiropractic care - I have been going to the chiropractor for a little over a year now. I started off by going once a week for 3 months, and now go once every 3 weeks. Each time I go in, I get an adjustment and then see a rehab specialist for a little more targeted work. The healing benefits have been awesome. What is funny is that I used to fear going to the chiropractor. I did not want anyone messing with my back. My first experience with a chiropractor took place a year ago at a health fair that was organized by the company that I work for. I approached the vendor's booth, listened to their pitch about why chiropractic care is so good for my health, and allowed them to perform this technique, referred to as "cupping", on my upper back and shoulders.... and that is what sold me on it! I felt such a sense of relief. I could not wait to have that experience again, so I immediately made my first appointment. For me, the best benefit has been that I no longer get headaches all the time. I carry stress and tension in my upper back, shoulders, and neck. Eventually, that tension and pain that I feel makes its way up to my head and results in the worst headaches. Thankfully, that is not the case anymore, and that is due to a combination of things. Getting adjusted helps you to have a stronger, healthier core. I practice several stretching techniques as often as I remember. I pay attention to my posture and use a standing desk while at work. Cupping helps tremendously with inflammation and blood flow. Of course, chiropractic care in addition to exercising, eating healthy and drinking plenty of water makes the experience that much better! Make this a habit, guys! It is a great form of self care.

Speaking of habits, I really want to make it a habit to share my weekly meal prep with you. Here is what is on the menu this week:

  1. Breakfast: 2 scrambled eggs, 2 organic chicken sausage links and fruit

  2. Lunch: Beef Stew (pictured above)

  3. Dinner: Grilled Chicken Greek Salad


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